Welcome to Our Daybreak Journey

A Journey of Faith with Fellow Women

What do we mean by “Our Daybreak Journey”?

This is a place for women of all backgrounds to come together to share their stories and be part of a community that will uplift and encourage by spending time in faith and fellowship. While it will lean towards a Catholic dialect all faiths are welcome and we encourage all discussions to be focused on God.

Each day we are given the opportunity to travel and explore. For some it may be just out the front door to work; others a trip to a new destination, some may never leave the confines of their home. No matter what your path in life – we are all on the same journey towards the same destination – the Kingdom of God in Heaven.

With this group it will be done in several ways, through in person workshops, talks, and gatherings, and prayer groups. On-line studies conducted through zoom and other platforms. Travel opportunities to visit spiritual places, attend praise and worship concerts, see live performances, plus other local and distant opportunities that come about.

You can attend and participate as you feel you are comfortable but we challenge each of you to step a little further out than what you normally do. This group is here to encourage you and to help you become more forthcoming about your love of Jesus and therefore allow you to become bold in testifying on behalf of His name.

Say YES to the journey and join other women just like you taking the first steps to grow closer to the final destination. I know He is there waiting for you.

Penny Bailey

Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Friend, Co-Worker, Mentor, and So Much More. These are the titles that she is proud to have and that have shaped her into the woman she is today. Penny is a firm believer that when we start answering “YES” to God’s callings, our lives will change in ways we could never have imagined before! She is excited to share this Journey with everyone who joins – walking with women towards our final destination; the Kingdom of Heaven.

Rita Dent

Rita’s Journey has been one that’s brought her to many crossroads throughout her life. A converging of two paths – sometimes more – where she was faced with a decision. Through trust, faith, and prayer she has discerned God’s path for her each time, answering with a resounding “YES” which has led her all the way to this point in her life. When asked to be a leader and co-partner of Our Daybreak Journey, she once again answered the call to join a new Journey with Christ and fellow women.

Karen Kretchmen

Through community and friendship, Karen has become a true believer who, without any doubts, can say that she loves Jesus with all her heart! Her family and friends have helped her become the person and believer she is today. One thing she is not afraid to share is that even if you stumble in your faith, He is always there waiting to welcome you home. She has said “YES” many times to various callings. A woman broken saying yes to a prayer group, a Youth Group that needed a leader, a Mom and Wife having to know when to let go so that her family could flourish. When asked to help with Our Daybreak Journey she again was ready to say yes and knows that God will be there to guide.

Our Paton Saints

St. Mary Magdalene
St. Michael the Archangel
St. Bona of Pisa

OUr Details

Founded: January 2022
Location: Southern Maryland

Psalm 90:14

“Satisfy us in the morning with thy steadfast love, that we may rejoice and be glad all our days.”


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