Season – A spiritual definition

spiritual season is a specific time period in your life that has an overall feeling or purpose in the larger scheme of your ongoing spiritual life.

Reflection:  Penny Bailey

I really hadn’t thought about seasons as being a time in life that is related to our spiritual being. Looking back on my life I can clearly see the divisions as I do the temperature changes each year. Spring; when God reveals to me a new meaning from the Words he left us – Summer; when I can just exist with what He has given me and bask in His warmth – Fall; when I can see all His beauty – Winter; when God and I endure the coldness that this world can thrust upon me. I believe the trick is to be able to travel in and out of these seasons. To see an end and beginning. He wants us to keep moving, to keep learning, to keep reaching to Him. So take a moment and review your spiritual season and give praise that He is right there with you each change.

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