By Rita Dent

A quiet beautiful April evening, enjoying fellowship on Karen’s deck and making plans for Our Daybreak Journey; Karen, Penny, (and Bev who hasn’t yet realized the role she will be play) and myself were laying out the plan for this new adventure and the thoughts being tossed about were inspiring and intimidating at times.  It was mentioned that a tagline was needed.  A motto to tie the theme Our Daybreak Journey together.  I threw out “We be trippin” and oh did we all laugh! 

The more I thought about that line, the more it really spoke to me.  We be trippin’.  It could mean a number of things.  We be trippin’ – as in taking a trip.  And aren’t we?  Each one of us is on a trip, navigating our daily lives and doing our best to be good and faithful servants on this journey.

We be trippin’ – as in tripping over the obstacles of life, tripping over our faults and failures, tripping over our own two feet.  We be trippin’ alright.  How blessed are we that as we stumble through this life we have each other to laugh and cry with, to share our fears and our dreams with, to share the daily moments with.  Most importantly to call on when we need a simple prayer, joyful smile, minute of encouragement, a hand to help us up, and someone to remind us that we are not alone.

And then there’s the questionable We be trippin’ – as in we’re high.  Hmmm, shouldn’t we be?  High?  Yes!  We should be trippin’ – high on life, high on our belief in Jesus Christ, high on the blessings we enjoy, high on knowing that we are saved!  The battle has been won and we don’t need to do anything except be high on knowing that we are loved by Him.

It may not be our tagline, but it’s catchy and it covers a lot.  As we go through our days let’s remember that “we be trippin’!”  We’re all on this beautiful, crazy journey together.  We are trippin’ over all kinds of things, but we have the love and support of family and friends to help us get back on our feet.  And finally, we be trippin’, high on God’s love for us.  So enjoy the journey, don’t beat yourself up over the falls, and really enjoy the high that comes from giving and receiving God’s love!

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