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Diligent Hands Bring Wealth – Proverbs 10:4

As I read that statement “Diligent hands bring wealth” my first reaction was “why am I so poor”?  I diligently get up Monday through Friday at 5:00 am and head to my job which is highly stressful and quite challenging. Most 8 hour workdays turn into 10 hour days and I still feel like I am never caught up.  The chaos of the day remains with me as I lay my head down for rest and then the next day the previous days chaos just piles on;  plenty of bills to be paid and not enough time or money in the day to do what I want to do.

Feeling very frustrated by that statement I turned to a co-worker and said it out loud and laughed.  Then like a loud bang I heard “I guess it depends on how you define wealth”.  What? Where did that come from?  As my co-worker was sharing his thoughts all I heard was “define wealth”.  I was then prompted to say that out loud “I guess it’s how you define wealth”.  Several others joined in the conversation and I knew that it was only from the prompting of the Holy Spirit did this change my mindset and hopefully others as well in the conversation.  We discussed family, health, our homes, bank accounts and lack of.  My heart being tugged I further pondered; what is wealth in God’s eyes?

Is it the sunrise or sunset? When a lost soul comes home? When he sees someone share kindness or give a random stranger a smile and compliment?  Diligent hands do bring wealth if we see it as God does.  It’s not the fancy car or house.  It’s not that all the bills are paid or how much we tithe or get done during the day. We are so caught up in the Jones’ life that we forget to get caught up with our own blessings.  I was reminded of this at praise and worship when a friend shared a moment she had with her granddaughter.  The light of God shining down her school’s hallway and this adorable 5 year old could appreciate the peace of God flowing into the building sharing his love.

I was reminded our diligent work is to be that light to others.  In hindsight I would say I am a very WEALTHY person.

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